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Coronavirus Update

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Helping to keep your family safe

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has dramatically changed all our lives.

With all the necessary Government restrictions in place, what does this all mean for the services I provide?

Firstly, let me reassure you that you will not be breaking any law by coming to work in your home, school, care home or commercial property. The Government has classed cleaning companies as essential workers.

Secondly, I take your safety VERY seriously. This is why I have introduced the following measures to safeguard you and your family, as well as myself:

I am following the Government’s current social distancing guidelines. This means I am staying at least 2 metres away from clients where possible. In real terms this means I will be working in a room with the client in a separate room wherever I can.

I am wearing PPE (disposable gloves and shoe protectors) on site at all times. These are NEVER reused and put in a sealed container and disposed of at the end of each job.

I am wearing PPE reusable masks on site, too. These are washed and sanitised with my clothes at the end of each job. These are NEVER reused without being thoroughly cleaned.

In between each job I am going home to shower and change into freshly cleaned and sanitised clothes. This adds another layer of protection from cross contamination.

Before each journey, I am applying disinfectant to the cab of the van to reduce the risk of cross contamination from one site to another.

At the end of each job, I am applying disinfectant to touch points on the outside of the van (such as door handles).

I am thoroughly disinfecting all equipment used on site before going back into the van.

I am applying disinfectant to all small personal objects, such as my phone and keys, before and after each job to avoid any cross contamination.

How I can help in the fight against coronavirus


We all know that cleaning is the best protection against viruses, bacteria and other nasties.

By using only the most effective disinfectant agents that have been approved to the BSEN 10 40 standard, I can clean your carpet, non-carpeted floors and upholstery to a clinical level.

The products I use are rated to be effective on surfaces exposed to HIV, Hepititis B and MRSA resistant to PM, PEM & PEKLM.

To learn more about the steps I’m taking to combat COVID-19, or to get a tailored quote for your carpet, oven or upholstery cleaning requirements, contact me today!

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